Environmental Impact
The MailAgain Reusable Product Line has inspired mailers across the country to go reusable and GO GREEN!

Each time a MailAgain 2-way envelope is used, one less business reply envelope needs to be manufactured - or disposed of - this saves energy, paper and natural resources like trees and water.

As the USPS outbound reply mail volume approaches 90 billion pieces this year, the mailing industry can make a significant environmental impact by embracing green technology. For every billion reply envelopes eliminated, through 2-way and reusable solutions, we can expect to save:

  • 1,072 Acres of Natural Forests
  • 5,500 Tons of Paper
  • 16,630 Cubic Yards of Landfill Waste
  • 93,500  Trees
  • 230,000 Tractor Trailer Loads of Mail
  • 2,546,500 Gallons of Oil
  • 3,228,000 Pounds of Air Pollution
  • 15,279,000  Gallons of Fuel
  • 38,241,500 Gallons of Water
  • 22,423,500 Kilowatt Hours of Energy

MailAgain's contribution to environmental conservation is enhanced by the amount of recycled paper in our products, saving 60% of the energy and resources needed to produce virgin paper products.

With electronic bill payment approaching 40% and direct mail response averaging less than 2%, mailers can make the smart decision to implement reusable solutions and save millions of dollars, while benefiting our environment.

Going Green has never been so easy, profitable and beneficial to our environment!

Call (713) 468-8000 today to calculate the impact MailAgain 2-way envelopes and mailers can have on your mail program today.