Marketing Power
Make your direct mail communications more inviting, interactive & easier to open!

Simply put, MailAgain has the perfect solution to increase your ROI, while greatly benefitting our environment.

FaceOFF Reusable Envelopes (New 2009)

  • Intuitive "OPEN ME NOW" tabbed panel can be opened in 1 second or less and encourages clients and prospects to open your mail piece quickly and easily.

Lift Note Envelopes

  • Repositionable Notes are a proven vehicle to increased response rates
  • MailAgain Lift Note technology not only delivers the traditional benefits of a repositionable, personalized note, but incorporates a patented window for secondary messaging

EZ Open Envelopes

  • Our patented "zip pull" envelopes provide the ideal positioning for promotional messages and interior coupons or special offers
  • Since response rate depends on getting your envelopes opened ... deliver your message with an envelop that screams "OPEN ME!"

2-Way Envelopes

  • Use the Real Estate - rather than including a wasteful business reply envelope, utilize the space to promote your business with special offer inserts or information on related products and services.
  • Sell the Real Estate - compatible advertisers often pay up to $80 per thousand insertions to reach their target market through your existing direct mail communications. Approach current partners with this co-branding opportunity or work with your lettershop to identify potential candidates.

Custom Solutions

  • Let us review your current mail program & develop a solution to increase your ROI.