Operational Savings
MailAgain's innovative solutions save millions of dollars each year through optimal design and the elimination of wasteful reply envelopes.

MailAgain 2-Way Envelopes & CD/DVD Mailers

Our reusable product line, delivers immediate savings and dramatically streamlines the fulfillment process. In addition, mailers are able to leverage the weight and space of a second reply envelope for postal savings and incremental marketing space.

Consider the operational impact of eliminating those wasteful Business & Courtesy Reply Envelopes:

  • Immediately reduce total envelope costs and eliminate the corresponding freight costs for the second reply envelope
  • Cut envelope inventory and handling costs up to 50% - 1 million #9 envelopes occupy 750 cubic feet or eleven 4 x 4 x 4 skids
  • Save approximately $1 per thousand on inserting operations
  • Reduce postage - up to $240 per thousand - on variable page statement systems and direct mail programs, where the added weight of a second reply envelope incurs additional postage
  • Leverage the "real estate" and mailing weight to expand your market messaging or sell that space to compatible advertisers, often paying up to $80 per thousand insertions

Lift Note Envelopes

MailAgain's exciting new Lift Note Envelopes will revolutionize the practice of using repositionable notes across the direct mail industry. Our exclusive design is the first to incorporate the "sticky note" into the design of the envelope ... consider these benefits:

  • Eliminates the cost of purchasing a separate repositionable note
  • Eliminates USPS special handling charges
  • Enables clients to coordinate exterior promotions with internal messaging through our patented window design

Call (713) 468-8000 or email today and we'll calculate your potential for savings and benefits.