2-Way Billing & Direct Mail Solutions
Expedite receipt of payments and save on operational costs!
MailAgain 2-Way Envelopes are designed to quickly and easily integrate with your existing billing & outgoing direct mail systems. The intuitive "OPEN ME NOW" lift & tear flap encourages clients and prospects to open your mail first. This unique feature - combined with the USPS automated postal graphics - is designed to accelerate the return mail cycle & save money.

Our Billing Product features:

  • A highly customizable & adaptable design
  • Build for high-speed insertion and extraction technology
  • Intuitive "lift to open" tear flap and illustrations are multi-lingual and senior citizen friendly
  • Conforms to all USPS DMM standards

Additional features of our Direct Mail Product:

  • A large window to accommodate personalized messaging
  • MailAgain's consolidated business reply graphics enable variable reply addressing and planet coding for intelligent reply mail
  • Our patent pending fail-safe "loop mail design" enables comingling and presorting, while ensuring that any corrective USPS spray post-net bar code or fluorescent ID tag does not effect reply mail