Reusable CD/DVD Solutions
Conserve the environment and save up to 60% of fulfillment costs!
MailAgain reusable CD/DVD Envelopes offer a streamlined solution for both hand and highly-automated work flows, saving our clients up to 60% of fulfillment costs. Our CD/DVD envelopes are the first - and most reliable - 1 oz CD/DVD mailer in the USPS mail stream.

Our CD/DVD Product benefits:

  • Eliminate USPS non-machinable surcharges
  • Eliminate address labels, tabbing and all associated labor costs
  • MailAgain patented bottom tear-flap design ensures the fail safe removal of all outbound fluorescent ID tags and spray postnet barcodes
  • Simple, pictorial instructions are multi-lingual and senior citizen friendly
  • Conforms to all USPS DMM standards and approved for highest speed automation compatibility, while reducing the potential for damage to CDs and DVDs
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