Lift Note Envelopes
Deliver Your Message & Lift Responses
Lift your response rates with MailAgain's Lift Note Envelopes ... and eliminate special handling charges.
MailAgain's Lift Note Envelopes integrate a repositionable response note seamlessly into the envelope design - eliminating the cost of purchasing and affixing "sticky notes" to your mail. Since the response note is incorporated into the design, you also eliminate extra postage and special handling charges.

Lift Note Envelopes create the opportunity to fully coordinate your messaging ... inside and out. As customers lift the note, additional messaging can be displayed through an exposed window to capture your customer's attention and reinforce the value of your offer.

MailAgain's repositionable lift note envelopes are a great way to make your direct mail campaigns more interactive, exciting and actionable. All of our mailing solutions conform to USPS DMM standards and are designed for high speed insertion.

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